The Wolong lake is a walking spot for the people of Shenyang City. The relationship between Kangping and Shenyang is essential: Shenyang residents and tourists visiting Kangping are interested in traveling to Kangping for up to 1 million visitors per year. The city welcomes families who want to spend a day around the lake. Overnight stays are rare today. It is, however, an essential issue for the rural populations living around the lake to benefit from real economic benefits.

In order to combine tourism with respect for the environment ecotourism housing must be developed around Lake Wolong. They will offer an attractive range of rooms, promote the development of associated activities (catering, sale of local products ...) as well as the economic development of the Kangping area. The objective is to welcome a large public wishing to discover the rich biodiversity of Lake Kangping through sporting activities and outdoor activities in the inhabitant.

Phytorestore had the idea to develop a charter in Kangping that would allow the classification of tourism structures within the Wolong Lake Natural Park. It should be set up in consultation with local decision-makers, county tourism experts and the city of Shenyang, as well as environmental experts from the region participating in the development of the Wolong Lake Committee.


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Floating Eco Lodge

 In the context of Wolong Lake it is recommended to install floating villas. They will allow the observation of the birds by an immersion in the natural environment of the lake. The image below is an architectural suggestion.For the plans of the floating ecolodge it is recommended to take again the strong image of the monitoring stations. The creation and strengthening of a single strong image is very important in terms of communication to attract domestic and international tour operators.

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For this project it is recommended to develop a small village of high quality consisting of 5 bungalows and a main structure housing the common areas.The minimum objective per village is to have a capacity of 24 people, including 4 families (two families of 6 people, two families of 4 people) and two couples. There will be 4 bungalows reserved for travelers, two with a capacity of 6 people, two with a capacity of 4 people and the last one can accommodate 4 people in two separate studios. The first two will accommodate the families and the third will be divided in two so that each couple has an independent studio.

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A Reception Center

A fourth building dedicated to common activities will be compulsory to allow the reception of travelers in a reception hall, the taking of breakfast as well as carrying out activities such as gardening and horseback riding. It will be equipped with a kitchen, a linen room, two studios allowing the manager and a cleaning agent to live on the spot in order to be totally available for tourists.

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Equestrian Farm With Guest House

The development of an equestrian center at the level of tourist accommodation would allow the establishment of numerous equestrian activities increasing the fidelity of the tourists: excursions around the lake of Kangping and riding lessons are activities allowing the discovery of the region in A natural setting.

In addition to walks and equestrian initiation courses the little accommodation offer to rent places to place horses in boarding. This offer is for people who do not have a place to keep a horse, so it can be the urban people of the city of Kangping or even those of Shenyang.


Location Map, Equestrian Guesthouse

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Masterplan Of Equestrian Guesthouse

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Handcraft activities should also be included in Wolong Lake's "Eco-accommodation" local charter because they are also attractive activities to make you want to stay several nights on site.Handcraft activities should also be included in Wolong Lake's "Eco-accommodation" local charter because they are also attractive activities to make you want to stay several nights on site.

The introduction of "Handcraft" handicraft activities allows tourists looking for manual labor to immerse themselves in the culture of the country. This is a wide range of activities for all age groups. The know-how associated with traditional craftsmanship is very developed in China and may be put forward in this context.

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