Sluices Gate

The north sluice gate

54 01 sluices gate

The reconstructed North Sluice Gate will be located on the north bank of the Wolong Lake. It will be a 2mx3.5m three hole gate for maintaining the designed water level of 88.4m in the north lake of the Wolong Lake.


The south sluice gate

54 02 sluices gate

Located within the Wolong Lake, extends from the Huxin Island on the east lakeshore to the West Malian River's lake inlet. It is about 7.88km long. The embankment divides the Wolong Lake into two functional areas, the southern area and the northern area, and control the southern water level by 3 connection valves. The northern part of the lake has become a deep water area, which is used for flood control, water storage, fishery and sightseeing . The southern area will become wetlands, to restore the biodiversity, and provide suitable habitats for birds.