Exhibition Program

Interior design for first floor


Hall Reception

Reception at the same time for the ticket office, service space.


24 01 exhibition program

24 02 exhibition program


Contextualize the landscape and the biodiversity of Wolong Lake in a dynamic way

Wolong Lake is part of the migration route and an important resting place for migratory birds between East Asia and Australia. It is also the place where the biodiversity is abundant. The presentation of 9 world-class endangered ornithological species living there, namely Baer's pochard (Aythya baeri), common pochard (Aythya ferina), Siberian crane (Leucogeranus leucogeranus), Oriental stork (Ciconia boyciana), hooded crane (Grus monacha), red-crowned crane (Grus japonensis), white-naped crane (Grus vipio), lesser white-fronted goose (Anser erythropus), and swan goose (Anser cygnoides), is regarded as an important part of the exhibition. Different kinds of media methods, such as models, film是and images, are used in order to change the passive visit for the active participation.

Moreover, what is emphasized in the exhibition is the ecological habitat of Wolong Lake and the richness of its plant resources, especially sensitive plants, such as hardy lotus which live only in the north and bulrush (Scirpus) which is very important to endangered birds. These kinds of information are linked in the form of food chain so that the visitors can figure out the connections among them.

A huge model of Wolong Lake and a projection of all kinds of explanatory maps and the satellite map of the lake are used in order to enrich significantly what normal models on the sand table can present and to display vividly the evolution of Wolong Lake.

The whole design concepts, with the purpose to maximize the mobilization of visitors on senses of sight, hearing, and touch, to convey the importance and the diversity of wetlands, and to remind viewers to protect the environment.


Scientific and entertaining exhition

This museum is used for presenting biodiversity. Thus, it is necessary to teach visitors how to protect the weak ecological habitat of Wolong Lake, for example, how to observe and photograph birds in the wetland in a correct way.

Different demands of different kinds of visitors are fully considered in this design. In this design, what is especially considered is the important role of the wetland museum in popular science education. Especially the design for kid’s corners. The conception is to achieve the purpose of education with joy and fun, by setting a variety of traditional games.


According to the order of visit, the all espaces is divided into the following parts


  • Introduce zone

  • Wolong lake zone

  • Zetland landscape zone

  • Photography exhibition

  • Landscape viewing zone

  • Open zone/meeting point

24 03 exhibition program


24-04 exhibition program
24-05 exhibition program
24-06 exhibition program
24-07 exhibition program
24-08 exhibition program
24-09 exhibition program


Introduce zone

The Introduction zone marks the beginning of the visit. In this zone, visitors can realize the main content of this exhibition: Wolong Lake’s landscape, its ecological habitat and biodiversity, especially bird resource and plant resource in northern wetlands. 

24 10 exhibition program



Wolong Lake Zone

24 11 exhibition program

With a height of 11m and an area of about 260m², Wolong Lake Zone is the first important exhibition hall on the visit route. There is a large projection model of Wolong Lake in the exhibition hall, and the information of Wolong Lake is displayed in the form of sound and light. With bird models hanging over the exhibition hall and glowing landscape walls, this area creates a multi-sensory wetland landscape atmosphere for the visitors. 

24 12 exhibition program

The luminous display wall is located at the entrance of the exhibition. This wall measures 3m in height and 9.5m in length. Displayed on a light box (3mx 9.5mx 0.25m), Wolong Lake’s landscape (including wetlands and birds, as well as lotus and reeds) is more striking in a dark area because of illumination of the lights in the box, so that it can create an ancient charm atmosphere.

 24 13 exhibition program

24 14 exhibition program


The Wolong Lake model

24 15 exhibition program

One projector projects the satellite maps and the associated plane analysis on the model to introduce the historical evolution of Wolong Lake. The other projects the photos and the letters on the wall at the back to give an explanation for every satellite map or analysis and to show the evolution of the site over the seasons. 

24 16 exhibition program

24 17 exhibition program


24 18 exhibition program


Two kid’s corners are located on either side of the Wolong Lake model. They have for theme the plants and animals in Wolong Lake. They offer different games to attract kids to learn the landscape eco-system in Wolong Lake. These games make kids understand the theme of the exhibition without their noticing it and arouse their interest in natural environment.


24 19 exhibition program

24 20 exhibition program



Ornithological models

18 ornithological models are suspended in this area of 11m in Wolong Lake Zone. Contains three différents groups of flying gestures.

24 21 exhibition program

24 22 exhibition program


24 23 exhibition program



In the corridor between Wolong Lake Exhibition Hall and Wetland Landscape Exhibition Hall, we set up this nest showcase. It is located on the left of the corridor along the direction of the visit, close to the glass curtain wall.

24 24 exhibition program



24 25 exhibition program 

Wetland Landscape Zone is the second important exhibition hall. The contents of the exhibition hall are details of the characteristics of each specie in Wolong Lake wetland and the different habitats. 


Touch screen

24 26 exhibition program

Located in the center of Wetland Landscape Zone, 3 groups of interactive touch screen change visitors from passive viewing to active participation , Each set of equipment corresponds to one theme.

Each group includes two different devices, one screen and three interactive touch screen equipment.

24 27 exhibition program


24 28 exhibition program

The ecological habitat natural landscape showcase is located in the Wetland Landscape Zone and set along a separation wall. This creates a corner spot dedicated to ecological habitat of Kangping area. This showcase presents the ecological habitats that make the special landscape of Kangping area

24 29 exhibition program


Life in the wetland showcase

24 30 exhibition program

It is located in Wetland Landscape Zone. The display boxes with various heights are placed on an irregularly shaped display table whose surface is divided into grids (400mm x400mm). There are three kinds of boxes: the box for specimens, the box for pictures and the box for texts. These boxes show the habitats and the food chains in Wolong Lake. This 3D display gives to the visitors a variety of experiences from different angles.


24 31 exhibition program24 32 exhibition program24 33 exhibition program



24 34 exhibition program

By using the immersion display technique this room set 7 high-definition laser projectors and supporting sound. Walls sprayed by professional screen paint.

24 35 exhibition program



Photography exhibition 

24 36 exhibition program


Photography exhibition, as a separate exhibition space, the function is flexible.

Use 100 * 73 cm simple large black wooden frame. Frame width is 20 mm. The area contains two sides of the wall, one side towards the wetland area, the background is dark gray paint with 8 sets of frames. The other side towards the viewing area direction, the background wall is wood, with 10 sets of frames.

24 37 exhibition program


 Landscape Viewing Zone and Open Zone

24 38 exhibition program

A shared space with a width of 10 meters and a panoramic glass curtain wall are in this zone. This zone can provide the visitors an quiet area. Besides, this corridor-shaped zone can serve as a temporary exhibition gallery.

It is unreasonable to put too many decorations in this zone. We placed four benches ans a long cured bench.  Who are forming in a landscape viewing area. 

24 39 exhibition program

24 40 exhibition program


Lobby Painting

24 41 exhibition program


Lobby Wood

24 42 exhibition program



24 43 exhibition program


24 44 exhibition program